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The 100% No Code management software that fits your needs.

Manage all your data in a unified way

The most complete business management solution, 100% customizable.

SIMAX ERP-CRM is the most flexible unified management solution on the market, offering ultra-flexibility through its No Code technology. We’ve proved it by winning numerous national and international competitions. Because we’re convinced that it’s the software that needs to adapt to the company, not the company to adapt to its software.

More than any other solution, SIMAX ERP-CRM enables you to implement a differentiating strategy, automating your company’s processes to facilitate the distribution of information from one department to another without re-entering data, while guaranteeing data security.

What is an ERP?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)software, also known as an Integrated Management Software or IMS, is a software solution that allows for “managing all of a company’s processes by integrating all of its functions, including human resources management, accounting and financial management, decision support, as well as sales, distribution, procurement, and e-commerce.”

source Wikipedia

Rates :

In SaaS mode, SIMAX ERP-CRM is based on the number of modules used:

  • single/additional module at €24.99 ex. VAT per month per user
  • 3 module license at €54.99 ex. VAT per month per user
  • 5 module license at €79.99 ex. VAT per month per user
  • all module license at €119.99 ex.VAT per month per user


SIMAX ERP CRM is also available On Premise (license purchase)

SIMAX ERP - Solution de gestion d'entreprise 100% paramétrable

SIMAX ERP CRM enables omnichannel sales management.


The SIMAX ERP-CRM solution offers omnichannel sales management. Each module is interconnected around the customer relationship. Service efficiency is streamlined and optimized.

The available optional modules

Our SIMAX ERP-CRM Our (Internal Messaging, Scheduling, User, Group, and Rights Management,…) to which the following modules can be added (optional):

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Clients CRM


Building loyalty costs ten times less than acquiring a new customer. With the CRM module, consolidate and grow your customer portfolio. Keep track of your marketing and business activities, and effectively manage your sales function.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Ressources Humaines RH

Human Resources Management

Beyond the single staff register and the staff directory, efficiently track all contracts and skills in a hierarchical dimension. Collect payroll elements (leave, overtime) for your external payroll solution, if needed.


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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Fournisseurs SRM

Supplier Relationship Management

Genuine SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) enables you to efficiently monitor your suppliers, contracts and commercial conditions. To facilitate sourcing, the SRM module enables you to measure the quality of each supplier.


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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Articles et Tarifs

Item and price management

Precisely define your items and their hierarchy for quick searches. Define your prices in net price or discount % by customer group, according to minimum quantities (column prices) or a range of dates (promotions).

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion des Achats

Purchasing Management

Did you know that buying 1% more will do as much for your company’s profitability as increasing sales by 10%? This purchasing management module enables you to buy in optimal quantities to control budgets and increase profitability.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Contrats Ventes et Locations

Sales and Rental Management

This module offers a range of tools and functionalities allowing for:
Efficient tracking of order and contract progress
Generation of various sales forecasts and multi-criteria reports to monitor objectives and be proactive.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Facturation

Invoicing management

Invoice management is a key factor in a company’s success and development. This module enables you to secure your invoicing so that you don’t forget to invoice on time. It enables you to automate the invoicing of extras, so you don’t have to add them manually. It generates clear invoices that are quickly validated for payment.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Caisse

Cash management

This module enables you to manage cash from a standard PC. It can be coupled with a barcode scanner, ticket or check printer, credit card terminal and cash drawer. The Cash module makes it easy to open cash, print cash invoices, edit cash journals and close cash.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Production

Production management

This module enables you to create bills of materials and routings. All the tools are here: PDP, net requirement calculation, load/capacity balancing, finite-capacity scheduling, graphic planning of MOs on machines, time recording, PRI calculation, CMMS (Computer-Aided Maintenance Management), subcontractor tracking, possible interfacing with your CAD (Computer-Aided Design).


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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Projets/Affaires

Project / Business Management

Manage customer or internal projects. Define budgets, prioritize, plan and assign tasks. Track milestones, time spent and deliverables. This module, coupled with the Invoicing module, performs automated invoicing according to the chosen mode (actual, due date or flat-rate based on actual progress).

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Stocks et Logistique

Stock and Logistics Management

To optimize and secure your stocks, with or without a barcode scanner, this module enables you to efficiently monitor your stock movements, manage your inventories, find dead stock, calculate optimal replenishments and avoid human error.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Trésorerie

Cash flow management

Anticipate and recover quickly with this module, which adds cash flow forecasting to the SIMAX dunning engine. By default, each SIMAX solution offers multiple payment method (direct debits, transfers, checks, drafts, etc.). This module can import bank statements in SEPA and CFONB formats to facilitate reconciliation, and automates lettering if the amounts match or if the reason for the discrepancy is known.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Service Après-Ventes

After-sales service management

This after-sales service module adds new tools for managing after sales service, enabling you to automatically create after sales service tickets from your e-mails, and to prepare fast, effective responses to all classic cases. Further features: knowledge base, customer fleet management, maintenance contract management, warranty tracking, service scheduling, preventive maintenance, etc.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Qualité ISO

Quality management (ISO)

Easily monitor your business in line with ISO standards. Define your processes and procedures, enter non-conformities, monitor the quality of your suppliers and implement preventive and corrective actions. Your dashboards are enriched with quality indicators.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Electronique Documents

Electronic Document Management

Because an ERP is a major producer and collector of documents, this EDM module activates an Electronic Document Management system that references documents with key words and presents them wherever you need them (customer file, project file, business file, item file, etc.).

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Comptabilité

Accounting management

Accounting management is designed to automate the generation of entries from invoices, purchases, payments, cash and expense reports. This module manages general, auxiliary and cost accounting, right through to closing, balance sheet and profit and loss statements.
This module can be interfaced with your accountant’s software.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Module Comptabilité

Training Management

Training courses, trainees, training agreements, educational assessment.
Manage your training activity in line with Qualiopi, which we have industrialized for perfect traceability and easy tracking.

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You can download the SIMAX ERP-CRM sales brochure by clicking on this link


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We offer you a downloadable OnPremise test version and the possibility of starting right away in SaaS (Web) with a free one-month trial.

We offer you :

WEB SaaS mode

With SaaS WEB mode, you don’t need to install anything on your premises. All you need is a web browser.
As soon as we receive your request, we’ll send you an initial e-mail to confirm that your request has been taken into account.
At the same time, we’ll set up a dedicated test environment in our shared SaaS hosting center (Microsoft-Azure Datacenter). Finally, we’ll send you a second email containing the URL and your login details.
When you log in for the first time, you’ll be able to choose which modules you’d like to use.
To facilitate testing, the environment already contains sample data. If you wish, you can delete them all and launch import wizards for your real data. In this way, you can carry out tests with a solution that comes as close as possible to your ideal solution.

Windows application mode

Dans le cadre du Mode Client Windows vous aurez besoin d’un ordinateur avec système d’exploitation Microsoft Windows 64bits, processeur i3 ou supérieur, 8 Go de RAM minimum (DDR3 ou supérieur), disque dur avec au moins 5 Go de libre (HDD 5400tr minimum ou SSD recommandé).
Dès réception de votre demande, nous vous enverrons un email contenant le lien de téléchargement de l’Install-Shield de la solution SIMAX ERP-CRM. Après téléchargement, vous n’aurez qu’à double-cliquer sur le fichier obtenu et suivre les instructions.
Au premier démarrage, vous aurez la possibilité de choisir les modules que vous souhaitez utiliser.
Pour faciliter les tests, la solution SIMAX ERP-CRM contient déjà des données exemples. Si vous le souhaitez, vous aurez la possibilité de toutes les supprimer et vous pourrez lancer des assistants d’imports de vos données réelles. Ainsi, vous pourrez effectuer des tests avec une solution se rapprochant au plus près de votre solution idéale.

Choisissez votre mode et saisissez vos coordonnées.


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