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French pioneer of the No Code since 2006
It is up to the software to adapt to the company and not the other way around
SIMAX offers a range of proven, feature-rich management solutions in compliance with current legislation, reflecting a strong industry expertise. What sets us apart: in SIMAX, modules are described 100% in No Code for unparalleled flexibility. SIMAX's No Code engine is one of the most advanced and comprehensive in the market, as we have been pioneers of this technology since 2006, enabling us to complete over 650 strategic projects for our clients without any programming
SIMAX is an ERP-CRM software publisher. We provide integrated management solutions that cover a range of functions, from CRM to accounting, including inventory, sales, purchases, production, and more. Our solutions feature a unified repository for qualitative data and efficient processes.

Some of our clients choose to adopt one or several of our modules, interfaced with their existing software, as SIMAX is highly interfaceable.

Our clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, share a common goal: the pursuit of superior Return on Investment through customization, automation, and the implementation of efficient processes.
SIMAX operates in France, Canada, and Africa, with a network of selected integrators chosen for their expertise in management and advisory capabilities
Thanks to No Code, projects are shorter, more secure, deliver higher return on investment, increased automation, and reduce long-term acquisition costs. You can evolve it yourself with the same simplicity as an office tool like Excel.
Leader in No Code ERP-CRM
The software adapts to the company through No Code technology.


Our modules are robust and compliant with legislation.


Customize the solution as easily as Excel


1 day of No Code = 20 days of programming


The No Code engine is the most advanced in the market (pioneer since 2006)
Web, App, Windows, offline

Web, App, Windows

Use it as you like
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A number of leading names have placed their trust in us. Several hundred small and medium-sized business customers too.

Solutions SIMAX - Client - BPI France
Solutions SIMAX - Client - ENDEL Groupe ENGIE
Solutions SIMAX - Client - TERRENA, La Nouvelle Agriculture
Solutions SIMAX - Client - TaM Montpellier 3M
Solutions SIMAX - Client - Pierre Fabre
Our different solutions for your company
Management solution (CRM, ERP)
Simple and flexible Saas
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized companies
    1. Choice of 10 modules
    2. 100% No Code
  • SaaS (Web)
  • from €9.90 excluding VAT per month
Complete, 100% configurable Customer Relationship Management solution
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized companies
  • Choice of 22 modules
    1. 100 % No Code
    2. SaaS ou OnPremise
    3. From €29.90 excluding VAT per month
  • Multiple companies
  • Multi currencies
  • Multi languages
  • Adapts to your sector of activity
100% configurable Customer Relationship Management solution.
  • The most versatile CRM
    1. CRM, After Sales services and Marketing
    2. From €29.90 excluding VAT per month
  • 100 % No Code
  • Facilitating teamwork
  • Innovate in your processes
No Code
Create applications that interface with your information system, without coding. Applications interfaced with ERP
  • Create your management solution
  • 100 % No Code
  • As easy as Excel
  • Données, automatisation, édition
  • Droits, tableau de bord, interface
  • Le Framework le plus complet
  • Le moteur le plus puissant
  • Pas de limite dans la tailles des fichiers
  • Nombre de lignes illimitées
  • à partir de 9,90€ HT par mois

SIMAX en quelques chiffres

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14 000 personnes travaillent avec SIMAX au quotidien
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Projets menés par nos équipes ou nos experts intégrateurs
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*Contre une moyenne marché de 30 à 50%
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SIMAX une société à mission


SIMAX intègre la prise en compte des impacts sociaux, sociétaux et environnementaux de son activité. Nous avons pour mission de démocratiser la technologie No Code dans les outils de gestion informatique multidisciplinaires :

    • pour rendre leur création, leur personnalisation et leur maintenance plus rapides et à la portée de tous
    • pour améliorer les performances de l’entreprise
    • pour améliorer le confort d’utilisation des salariés
    • pour accroître la résilience des entreprises et la mise en place d’améliorations continues
    • pour développer le zéro papier et la digitalisation/numérisation
    • pour réduire la fracture numérique
    • pour faciliter les reconversions professionnelles vers le digital
    • pour faire primer les compétences organisationnelles plutôt que purement informatiques
    • pour accroître l’intérêt des femmes pour des missions informatiques

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