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The flexibility of management solutions, the speed with which changes can be implemented, and the quality of the tools made available to employees, whether in the office, working from home or on the move, are all factors in business performance and resilience.


That’s why SIMAX commercializes SIMAX CRM, SIMAX ERP-CRM, SIMAX NoCode, SIMAX Starter ultra-customizable business management solutions that can even be used autonomously by the company itself. This flexibility is linked to a No Code technology we developed 15 years ago, which enables non-programmers to modify or create screens, processes, editions, statistics, dashboards, controls… with the same simplicity as Excel.


Customizing SIMAX is as easy as creating or modifying an Excel spreadsheet.It is the business expertise rather than technical expertise that takes precedence.


SIMAX solutions enable total interconnectivity with a wide range of software and software suites (Outlook, Exchange, CAD tools, MS-Office Suite, Libre Office Suite, Business Object, websites, e-commerce sites, etc.).

SIMAX solutions also feature numerous multiplatform connectors (SOAP and REST Web Services, direct DB access, e-Commerce sites, import/export…).


SIMAX supports your organization now and in the future, ensuring efficient handover between departments without the need for re-entry.
SIMAX SIMAX also automates all repetitive, low-value-added tasks for significant productivity gains.

NOUT - Solutions SIMAX™ - Super Organisée - Passage de relais
NOUT - Solutions SIMAX™ - Collaborative


A company’s strength lies in its ability to complete any task quickly and consistently:

  • In the quality of information relayed from one department to another.
  • In the relevance of follow-up indicators to anticipate problems rather than suffer them.


All these elements are specific to each company, since its organizational structure and strategy are often unique.

So, the strength of SIMAXsolutions lies in their ability to automate processes and ensure reliable handover and information sharing between services.

Finally, more than just a comprehensive management solution, SIMAX ERP-CRM is a true tool for steering the various functions of the company.


NOUT - Nos Solutions - SIMAX ERP™

SIMAX Starter solution

Simple, flexible Saas management solution (CRM, ERP). Learn more

NOUT - Nos Solutions - SIMAX ERP™

SIMAX ERP-CRM solution

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Solution CRM SIMAX 100% no code

SIMAX CRM solution

The most adaptable Customer Relationship Management solution, 100% customizable. Learn more

NOUT - Nos Solutions - SIMAX NoCode™

SIMAX NoCode solution

The Core Product Solution to unleash your ideas, 100% customizable. Learn more

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