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Discover the flexibility of SIMAX Solutions

First of all, to train you or discover our SIMAX Solutions, this space offers a set of videos classified within 4 specific themes.

Institutional and Commercial :

To get started, we propose you to find our commercial publications, our interventions in national or international fairs, during which we presented our solutions and the innovations that surround them..

La Casa de Zero Papel ((Management Tips and Tricks) :

In addition, we explain to you, through concrete examples, how to improve your day-to-day business management with SIMAX solutions.

Setting :

Then, we continue our discovery of SIMAX solutions by showing you how to customize them simply and without any coding.

WebiNOUT :

Finally, we offer you to find the video recording of our WebiNOUT , in which we delve into topics such as interfacing with third-party modules such as Prestashop or PayPlug.

Videos - Institutional and Commercial

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Videos – La Casa de Zero Papel

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Videos – Settings

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Videos – WebiNOUT

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