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The most adaptable solution, 100% Configurable

SIMAX CRM is the most adaptable customer relationship management solution on the market. We have proven this by winning numerous national and international competitions. Because we are convinced that it is the software that must adapt to the company and not the company to adapt to its software.

More than any other solution, SIMAX CRM makes it possible to carry out a differentiating strategy and make a difference.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the set of tools and techniques designed to capture, treat, analyze the desires and expectations of customers and prospects, in order to retain and satisfy them by offering or offering services.

source Wikipedia

Logiciel CRM ultra adaptable SIMAX by NOUT

SIMAX CRM : Modules included

Our SIMAX CRM solution has standard modules that significantly reduce your IT budget (Internal Messaging, Planning, User, Group and Rights Management,…) plus the following modules :

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Clients CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Retaining a customer costs ten times less than acquiring a new one. With the CRMmodule, consolidate and grow your customer portfolio. Track your marketing actions, your business and drive the business function effectively.

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Articles et Tarifs

Management of Items and Tariffs

Precisely define your items and their hierarchy for quick searches. Set your rates in net price or % discount per group of customers, based on minimum quantities (column rates) or a date range (promotions).
NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Contrats Ventes et Locations

Sales and Rental Management

This module provides a set of tools and functionality to:

  • Effective monitoring of order and contract status
  • Generating various multi-criteria sales forecasts and reports to track goals and be proactive.
NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Service Après-Ventes

Management of the After-Sales Service

This after-sales module adds new tools in the management of the after-sales service in order to automatically create after-sales ticketsfrom your emails and to prepare quick and effective answers on all classic cases. To go further: knowledge base, customer fleet management, maintenance contract management, warranty monitoring, intervention planning, preventive maintenance, etc.

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NOUT - SIMAX - Flux Omnicanal


The SIMAX CRM solution offers business management with omnichannel stream.
Each module is interconnected around the customer relationship and the efficiency of the service is streamlined and optimized.

  • Business Forecasting and Statistics
  • Contract Management
  • Quotes and orders management (firm or open)
  • Business Forecasting and Statistics
  • Marketing campaign
  • Customer Relations, etc.

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