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What is the No Code?

You have already done No Code without knowing if you used Excel.With Excel you were able to store structured data, make calculations and graphs and you didn’t have to program. 

The No Code is opposed to the Low Code which is a set of tools for programmers allowing them to program faster with often code generation that must then be modified to finalize. In Low Code you have to know how to program. Not in No Code. This therefore answers the global shortage of programmers (80,000 are missing in France).

The No Code is much faster than programming. On average our benchmarks on SIMAX show that in 1 day of No Code we make the equivalent of 20 days of programming.

And the result is actually much more flexible than with a programmed solution since it can be easily modified and by tradespeople (including the company itself).
There are many No Code solutions in the World. Among these, SIMAX is currently the only one capable of building a complete management solution (ERP or CRM) 100% in No Code. Why? Because we were pioneers of this technology in 2006, 12 years before the word No Code appeared.

This advance means that SIMAX is the equivalent of a set of No Code tools (Airtable+ zappier+…) but above all, it has 40 very rich ready-to-use modules and 280 connectors to avoid starting from scratch and interfacing with the rest of the information system and the rest of the world (via API).

The Gartner agency announced (in September 2021) that by 2025, 70% of new business applications will be No Code or Low Code. 70%! This makes No Code the new technological revolution.

With SIMAX you choose today the flexible technology of tomorrow.

The Gartner agency predicts that by 2025: 70% of the software would be created in NO CODE.

This analysis is based on the finding that the No code makes software more flexible and modifiable by the company itself with the same ease as an Excel sheet. It is much faster and therefore cheaper than programming.

Asking companies to adapt to their software is over… Now it’s software that adapts! It is therefore high time to discover the no code and understand everything it can bring.

In order to make you discover this digital revolution we invite you to take part  a free online training during which you will be able to realize fully a No code software.


The prerequisites for this training are:

  • Office skills (excel, office or open office or free office)
  • Ability to perform 3-rule type calculations as well as margin calculations


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