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Contact our Support Team

For our contract customers, our support team remains at your disposal for all your support requests or to answer your questions:

from Monday to Friday,
 from 9:00 to 12:00,

 from 14:00 to 17:30

1 – On your dedicated Extranet space, through the menus:
[Support] [New Request]
[Support] [My Support Folders] [New Request]
2 – By email, by sending your request to the following address:
3 – By phone at :

+33 (0) 8 06 11 00 34


For our ‘Premium’ customers, the terms of access to Extended Support appear in your contract with your identification key.


22 Rue Romani
34 170 Castelnau-le-Lez


Frequently Asked Questions

How to move a field in a form?
In “Supervisor” mode:

  • Use the “Customize” link at the bottom left of the form to display the list of fields in the form
  • Select the line for the desired fields and move it with the small “” or “” arrows to the right of the list
  • Save the changes
Where to find the “TeamViewer” remote tools
To make it easier to get hold of your environment remotely, you can download the version of TeamViewer that corresponds to your operating system using one of the links below:

Where is the SIMAX™ Solutions Webservice documentation?

SIMAX™ solutions are accessible through the NOUTOnline Service. Documentation is available at:

How do I know who owns a phone number written on a piece of paper?
Use the “General >> Global Search” menu

  • In the search box, enter the phone number
  • Validate

SIMAX will then display all items containing this phone number

  • Customer Card
  • Supplier Sheet
  • Contact Sheet
How to find an element from its unique identifier?

In the example below, the element to be found is an “Item” with a unique identifier of “45984511714101

Use the “Execute Action” in action box

  • Enter: Modify item 0d45984511714101
  • Validate

SIMAX then displays the sheet corresponding to the desired item.

Note the presence of the “0d” preceding the unique identifier to indicate to SIMAX that the following should be interpreted as a numeric integer and not as a string.

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