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The SIMAX NoCode software solution to give free rein to your ideas, 100% Configurable

SIMAX NoCode Software – Mature Technology, since 2006.


The SIMAX NoCode software, created in 2006, is THE to create any solution on the market, regardless of its complexity, by simple configuration and without coding.
SIMAX CRM and SIMAX ERP-CRM solutions are entirely built with SIMAX NoCode.

Forget the DBMS graphs, dependencies, data typing, indexes, etc., with the «No-Code» Engine and its artificial intelligence; the SIMAX NoCode solution will do everything for you. All you have to do is give him the information you need.

SIMAX NoCode‘s No Code setting makes our customers autonomous on their customization; it allows them to avoid unnecessary, long and expensive IT developments. Indeed, the No Code allows non-programmers to modify or create screens, processes, editions, statistics, dashboards, automations, controls… with the same simplicity as Excel.

NOUT - Solution SIMAX NoCode™


Nout - Icône Construire
Nout - Icône Sécurité
Nout - Icône Control
Nout - Icône Automatisme
Nout - Icône Editer
Nout - Icône Ergonomie
Nout - Icône Interfacage
Nout - Icône Statistique


As standard, our SIMAX NoCode™ software solution has essential modules that significantly reduce your IT budget:

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Messagerie Interne

Internal Messaging

This module can replace your traditional messaging solution advantageously and at no additional cost. Beyond the standard operation this module allows, for example, to process customer emails quickly to transform them into commercial actions and ensure a quick and qualitative response.

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Plannings


No more project management, group or individual schedules on paper or in a spreadsheet. This module allows you to finely manage all your schedules and much more in various formats including GANTT.

NOUT - SIMAX - Module Gestion Utilisateurs, Groupes et Droits

Management of Users, Groups and Rights

As any software solution must be able to be used by one or more people and not all have the same functions, this module will be the enabling center of access rights and uses.

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